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  • 株式会社海洋船舶研究社


  • TTS80
  • 常石グループ


Corporate Profile

Head Office 1471-8,Urasaki-cho,Onomichi-city,Hiroshima-pref. 720-0551,Japan
TEL/FAX +81-848-73-5282 / +81-848-73-5323
Foundation September 21st,1966
Establishment December 1st,2010
Representative Jun Kambara,President
Main business Manufacturing and Repairment of Aluminium Shipment
Maintenance business of Lifeboat
Manufacturing of Diving boat
Total construction
Number of Employee 49
Bank Hiroshima bank Fukuyama Sales Head office
The Chugoku bank Chitose branch

Industrial Property Rights in Possession


Object Registration
Weltering reducible catamaran and its total control method Oct. 4, 2013
Control system for electric propulsion ship and electric propulsion ship Jul. 25, 2014
Electric propulsion ship Jul. 25, 2014
Electric propulsion ship Mar. 20, 2015
Aluminum Tsunami Floating Shelter Sep. 11, 2015
Aluminum Tsunami Floating Shelter Sep. 11, 2015


Object Registration
Passenger Ship Mar. 1, 2013
Aluminum Tsunami Floating Shelter May. 15, 2015

Corporate Development

Sep.,1966 Kambara Forestry corporation was established.
Aug.,1968 Kambara Food industry corporation was established.
Apr.,1981 Renamed Kambara Food industry to Tsuneishi Enterprise Corporation.
Oct.,1984 Kambara Forestry Corporation newly-constructed Urasaki Factory at Urasaki,Onomichi-city.
Apr.,1989 Craft Engineering Division was established on the ground of Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Corporation.
Apr.,1991 Kambara Forestry Corporation started manufacturing of F.R.P Lifeboat at Dalian city in China.
Feb.,1992 Kambara Marine development took over the Craft division from Tsuneishi Shipbuilding.
Apr.,1992 Merged of Kambara Forestry Corporation and Tsuneishi Enterprise Corporation,and changed the corporate name as “Tsunesihi Forestry Construction”.
Feb.,2001 Manufacturing of New type lifeboat “TL-5.7TE” was started.
Jul.,2002 Took over the Craft Division from Kambara Marine Development.
Jan.,2007 11 companies of Tsuneishi Group were merged and Tsuneshi Forestry construction became Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Company.
Dec.,2010 Tsuneishi Facilities & Craft Co.,Ltd. has been established.
Jan.,2011 Tsunesihi Facilities &Craft Co.,Ltd has been taken over the Craft Department,Lifeboat Department and Total Construction Division from Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation.
Oct.,2012 Developed the lithium-ion electric propulsion ship "AMANOKAWA".
Aug.,2014 Took over TFC Succeed CO.,LTD. of the wholly-owned subsidiary.
Aug.,2014 Aluminum Tsunami Floating Shelter “TTS80” was approved (No.3) by the Governmental Authorities in accordance with “the guideline for lifeboat against tsunami of Japan”.

Mechanism Map

Mechanism Map