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Life Department

IMO Circ. 1206 (How to request periodic inspection)

After filling in the confirmation form, request an estimate by E-mail or fax.

Download the confirmation form

Contact: Lifeboat Department, Tsuneishi Facilities & Craft Co., Ltd.

* Please note that your request may not be met due to a schedule conflict with our service
  personnel. Make a request at your earliest convenience.

* Before our service personnel’s visit, confirm that all areas of the lifeboat appliances are in normal
  working condition.
  If there are any problems, inform us of the points, necessary parts, etc., in advance.

* Before inspection and maintenance, lifeboats should be lashed and necessities (chain blocks, wire,
  etc.) should be prepared by the main ship.

* For smooth inspection and maintenance, we ask that you assist our service personnel. Also, the
  presence of the person in charge is requested during inspection and maintenance.

* If any additional work, or additional parts are required, a separate charge will be determined.

Manufacture Manufactory
・Sanyo Works Co., Ltd.
・Kambara Ringyo Co., Ltd.
・Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Co., Ltd.
・Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation
 Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Company
・Dalian Songliao F.R.P. Ship Factory
・Dalian Mingzhu F.R.P. Boat Co.,Ltd
・Dalian Hengda G.F.R.P. Boat Co.,Ltd

* We can comply with requests for only the above manufactured lifeboats.